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Imarflex Industrial Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 25 years as a manufacturer and distributor of “Imarflex” products with a license from Japan. and has distribution channels for household electrical appliances It is well known and accepted in Thailand. which the company’s products Manufactured from a manufacturing plant that has received ISO 9001-2000 standards.
In addition, the company also has a standard electric pan factory. And export products to sell in the Southeast Asian market.
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Quality is our top priority.

with a distinctive product image Modern makes the business grow rapidly and continuously. Main distribution channels in modern trade market leading department stores At the same time, we continue to do business with retailers in Bangkok and upcountry.
The company also has a transportation system that can support fast service. And save time to make your child confident and impressed.

Quality always comes first

Our business focuses on being a leader in terms of product quality, reasonable price, and responsiveness. Build trust and be accepted.
You can contact us directly on the Contact Us page on the website.